Ningbo Jia Da Specialty Metals Ltd., Canada Metal Pacific’s subsidiary, is the first manufacturer in China to achieve the new ISO 9001-2015 Certification!

Located in Ningbo’s Beilun district, this facility produces our world famous Martyr Anodes, Vulcan and Rocna Anchors and Titan Marine Product line. This 45,000-sq.ft state-of-the-art die cast, foundry, assembly, and packaging facility was established in 2005.

This facility is 100% owned by CMP. CMP has put many of our resources into the development of Ningbo Jia Da Specialty Metals. Now through international partnerships and the Quality Management Systems of China, Jiada has achieved a quality certification that is nothing short of World Class.

Quality and Value-added have always been at the core of CMP’s mission and we have worked to ensure these goals were built into Jia Da’s day to day operations. CMP takes great pride in seeing that the work put into Jia Da operations has resulted in the student becoming the master

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