Corrosion protection is vital for ships and marine structures.

CMP Global is a manufacturer with expertise in pouring non-ferrous metals, helping North America to safeguard their assets since 1928.

As your trusted partner, CMP Global is dedicated to assisting you by providing marine solutions across various markets. Corrosion protection from CMP Global brings you:

Durability and Longevity

Big ships and marine structures are exposed to harsh and corrosive marine environments, including saltwater, humidity, and chemical exposure.

Corrosion protection measures, such as coatings and cathodic protection systems help extend the lifespan of these assets by preventing or minimizing corrosion damage.

Operational Efficiency

Corrosion can impede the performance of ships and marine structures by increasing drag, reducing fuel efficiency, and hindering manoeuvrability.

By implementing corrosion protection strategies, you can maintain smooth operation and performance of your assets, reducing downtime, optimizing fuel consumption, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

International maritime regulations and industry standards require ships and marine structures to meet specific corrosion protection and maintenance requirements.

Compliance with these regulations ensures adherence to safety and environmental standards, facilitates international trade, and helps avoid penalties or legal complications.

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