Corrosion Protection for Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration

CMP Global plays a vital role in ensuring the safety, reliability, environmental sustainability, and cost-efficiency of offshore oil and gas operations, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted production in challenging marine environments.

Key reasons why protecting your oil and gas infrastructure is crucial:

1. Safety and Reliability

Corrosion weakens the structural integrity of offshore installations which can lead to catastrophic failures, leaks, and/or ruptures. It also can increase the risk of equipment failure. Reduce the exposure of safety hazards and increase the reliability, by taking on appropriate corrosion prevention.

2. Asset Life Extension

Offshore oil and gas infrastructure involves substantial capital investment.  Operators mitigate the degradation of assets and decrease the risk of costly repairs or the need to replace parts.

3. Environmental Protection

Corrosion-related failures can result in oil, gas, or chemical leaks which can cause irreparable harm to the environment.  Help prevent such incidents and reduce the environmental impact.

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4. Operational Efficiency

Accumulation of rust, scale, and/or other corrosion by-products can restrict the flow of fluid through pipes, increase friction in moving parts, and thus reduce overall operational efficiency.  Ensure equipment operates optimally through preventative corrosion measures designed to minimize maintenance and maximize production output.

5. Cost Savings

Early implementation of corrosion prevention strategies in the design and construction of offshore equipment and infrastructure results in long term cost savings by reducing the need for expensive repairs, replacements, and downtime.

Decades of our experience in the market provide our customers with durability and longevity, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance for their assets.

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Anthony Sienkiewicz

Anthony Sienkiewicz

Commercial Sales Manager


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