How Do Sacrificial Anodes Work

Sacrificial anodes are designed to have a more active electrochemical potential than the structure they are meant to protect.

When sacrificial anodes are connected to a metal structure (such as a ship hull, offshore platform, pipelines, or marine equipment) through electrical contact, they attract corrosion currents, effectively attracting the corrosion to themselves instead of the protected structure. This sacrificial corrosion helps prevent or minimize the corrosion of the protected metal.

CMP Global Commercial Anodes

CMP Global’s Commercial Anodes are gravity cast and manufactured to strict quality standards through an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Each alloy is engineered to meet or exceed the most stringent commercial and military specifications, including the latest US Military Alloy Specifications MIL-DTL-18001 (L) for Zinc (Traditional) and MIL-DTL 24779C (SH) for Aluminum (Premium.) We are one of the few manufacturers in the USA that are 100% compliant to this new spec.

Our commercial anodes are highly active and provide long-term galvanic performance characteristics, even consumption, and longer active life. We are a US and Canadian Military and Government Approved Vendor. Work order and designation “L” stamped on each anode. Copies of Material Certificate of Compliance are available upon request.

CMP Global Commercial Sacrificial Alloys serve various sectors, including offshore oil and gas, maritime transportation, marine construction, water treatment facilities, and other industries where corrosion protection is critical.

Decades of our experience in the market provide our customers with durability and longevity, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance for their assets.

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Anthony Sienkiewicz

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